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What We Do

Services include facial mapping, comparison and analysis, 2d + 3d digital and 3d clay forensic facial reconstructions, digital age progressions of suspects and missing persons, composite sketching of suspects, digital post-mortem depictions from soft tissue and skeletal remains, partially or fully decomposed, digital cleaning of jewellery, clothing and tattoos. 

Training can be delivered in all 3D facial reconstruction methods and age progression processes​.

A case file is always maintained and technical assistance or advice to law enforcement of any kind is always offered and welcomed.

Requests such as creating age progressions for grieving loved ones of deceased individuals for memorial purposes. are always considered. 


Always happy to assist and contribute our skills on Archaeological projects​.

For all enquires, please visit the contact page and get in touch. If your request is not written above, please still submit your email and we will try our best to assist you.

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