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The Art of Forensics
Figure 25.
Founded in 2020, Figure 25 is a Forensic Facial Imaging company run by four highly qualified Forensic Artists, offering specialised techniques globally. All of whom have studied art at  the University level, achieved an MSc in Forensic Art and Facial Identification from the University of Dundee and each have substantial  professional experience in the industry.

Our Mission.
To assist, train and consult law enforcement and the public world-wide with specialist Forensic Imagery techniques with the hopes of identifying human remains and missing people through the use of anatomy, science and art. 


Our Services.

  • ​Facial mapping, comparison and analysis.

  • Forensic facial reconstructions, 2D and 3D computerised imaging as well as clay.

  • Age progressions of suspects and missing persons.

  • Composite sketches of criminal suspects.

  • Digital post-mortem depictions from soft tissue and skeletal remains, partially or fully decomposed.

  • Delivering training in 3D digital and clay techniques of facial reconstruction.

  • Delivering training in 2D application of age progressions.

  • Digital cleaning of jewelry, clothing and tattoos.

  • Maintaining a case file and technical assistance to law enforcement and other organizations.

  • Creating Age Progressions for grieving loved ones of deceased individuals for memorial purposes.

  • We are happy to offer all our services to Archeological projects. 

For more information, further detail and visuals on the above, please visit the page labeled What We Do.

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